According to research, we can actually use stress to improve our health and well-being. Do you want to know how?

The coronavirus is greatly affecting the lives of everyone around the world, not just in terms of health risk possibilities but also in reducing the chance of daily income. We are all aware that stress makes our bodies weak and susceptible against the virus.

Research says that 43 percent out of 30,000 Americans are more prone to death just by constantly thinking about the agony and anxiety of stress. This leads to a different case with those individuals who don’t see stress as life-threatening. Their mindset makes them physically and mentally last longer. Thus, there are three steps that may alter our reaction and minimize the harmful effects of stress.

Step 1: Acknowledge your stress
This is the first step to make your stress work for you. Basically, if we acknowledge our stress, the fear that it brings us will eventually be moved to a more thoughtful and deliberate way of thinking. Refrain yourself thinking about something that might stress you, and you will definitely notice that our brains help us to avoid thinking of those stressful things. This step will help you understand what’s causing you stress.

Step 2: Own your stress
The second step is to accept or own your stress. Maybe you are thinking, “Why would we want to welcome stress into our lives, especially during a pandemic?”. Actually, by owning our stress, we can associate it with positive motivation or the value behind our stress. But, if we are trying to avoid our stress, we detach ourselves from the things that are valuable to us.

Step 3: Use your stress
Knowing the values behind your stress leads you to the last and the most important step: The more you use your stress, the more you will attach yourself to the things that you value the most and will help you achieve your goals. Think of ways on how you will change your response to your stress so that you will know what are your goals and your purpose.

You have to train your mind to handle things with a mentally healthy perspective. Because in most cases, stress stems from the mindset. That is why you should gain leverage despite the current pandemic by keeping in mind these three simple steps. It may help you in being prepared, being aware, and also being reflective of your own pace.