Working from home has been the current trend these days. It could save you from a lot of trouble, right? You don’t have to be stuck in traffic while commuting your way to the office. You don’t have to be distracted by your colleagues and work peacefully. If you were given a chance to work from home, would you grab it?

It seems like working remotely could be a dream come true for some employees. But if you’re the type of person who gets energized while working around other people, it could be a nightmare too.

To feel less lonely, here are some helpful practices that you could try to relieve the loneliness while working from your home sweet home.

1. Take a break
No one works for eight hours straight. Enjoy your coffee breaks to not feel sleepy throughout the day. Exchange of messages with your work friends from time to time would not decrease your efficiency at work but could help you come up with greater ideas.

2. Arrange your working area at home
Designate a certain area in your house where you could work without being disturbed by your household. It should be a place where it would feel like you’re in your own cubicle in the office but more comfortable. Don’t forget to reserve a part of your home where you could also relax and not do any work-related activities.

3. Do other things with your commute time
Not having to commute to work is probably one of the biggest benefits of working from home. You can use the commute time in doing other activities that could make you feel better like exercising or doing yoga. Anything that would clear your mind and not think about work.

4. Comply to your working schedule strictly
Even at the comfort of your own home, you need to remind yourself to act as if you are still in the office. Put away your work gadgets once you already have logged out. You also need to observe proper work etiquette and tell your housemates to give you enough space to concentrate on your work.

5. Socialize online with your co-workers
Working alone could be lonely for some but technology has made it convenient. Through video tools like Facetime and Zoom, you could interact with your colleagues and feel like you’re still physically working together. Exchanging ideas through video conferencing regularly could help ease the lack of company when you’re working remotely.