World Athletics President Sebastian Coe is anxious that the Tokyo Olympics could be in peril unless the coronavirus pandemic is controlled by next year. In an April interview, Coe stated that it is quite clear that the Olympic Games could not be postponed permanently while International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe added that Tokyo Games will not take place beyond the summer of 2021. Last month, the President of Japan Medical Association, Yoshitake Yokokura, explained that it will be difficult to operate the Olympics unless effective cures are invented.

According to Coe, to have all the games in one season is “a headache”. He hopes the pandemic will be curtailed. He exclaimed to “forget the Olympic Games at the moment” for he is sure that most medical teams inside governments are currently trying to develop vaccines. He said, “The ambition is to get the athletes back into competition as soon as we possibly can but only when it is safe to do so.” He added that though they are trying to fulfill the best endeavors, none of them know what is going to happen in the next few periods. But in this stage, things can be organized individually as an advantage.