Many countries are lifting the lockdowns, yet workers still need to follow social distancing rules. But the question is, how safe are offices to work in while the virus still exists?

One building in Amsterdam plans to use its advanced technology to make sure that both employees and employers are safe inside its offices. Coen van Oostrom, founder of the real-estate company that constructed the building, said that some changes will happen in the building.

Even before the virus spread, the workers in the building already have a phone app that shows the temperature and air quality of the office. To practice social distancing, offices will also change seat plans although this won’t be applicable for all employers.

Checking human temperature has been one of the most-used ways to see if someone has the virus or not. A thermal technology company tested its camera at a U.S. factory and earned mixed reviews. Some were happy to use the camera, but others were worried about their privacy.

Oostrom says, “Making offices fun places to be will be more important than ever.” However, it’s also necessary to keep the offices safe to work in especially during this pandemic.