COVID-19 is dangerous as it already is, but lockdowns begin to stir up more concerns in the corporate world. Regardless of the tentative return-to-work policy, offices still must comply with the appropriate social distancing measures. With both work and safety in the employees’ minds, questions like “How safe is my workplace, I wonder?” emerge now some countries start to lift the lockdowns.

One building in Amsterdam stands proud when it was voted as one of the greenest and “most intelligent” architecture worldwide. True to its position, the building begins to adapt its sensor-dependent offices to the possibility of working day in and out with a contagious and lethal virus. According to Coen van Oostrom, founder of the real-estate company that constructed the building, some “no-brainer” changes may happen at any time to ease the workers’ concerns during the pandemic.

What sets the building apart from the others is that it has an existing phone app that allows employees to see the temperature and air quality of the office. Oostrom surmises that the workers will now pay more heed to the app compared before because of how infectious the virus is. Changing seat plans and hot-desking are also viable options to reinforce social distancing while inside the office. A major drawback is that modifying work practices is not completely feasible for employers to do.

Temperature testing is also one famous way of detecting if anyone is infected by the virus. A thermal technology company tested its infrared camera at a U.S. factory and received mixed feedback from the employees. Some were excited to try the device whereas others were worried about their privacy. Ezra Merrill, vice president of the thermal technology company, acknowledges the privacy issues that the cameras may bring.

While advanced technology may hinder how people work during the pandemic, Oostrom thinks of offices as “social beehives” where employees collaborate to get the job done. “Making offices fun places to be will be more important than ever,” Oostrom says. Still, having both fun and safe workplace is a must in all businesses, especially during a virus outbreak.