The Irish send donations to a GoFundMe fundraiser to help the Hopi and Navajo Nation (Native American people) during the pandemic. The Irish Times journalist Naomi O’Leary shared the page on Twitter and earned thousands of likes and retweets. According to Ethel Branch, the fundraiser’s organizer, they collected more than an estimated amount of 2 million dollars from the Irish as of May 5. The donations will go to food, water, and other basic needs of the Native Americans.

The donations serve as a way for the people of Ireland to return the favor to the Native Americans. In 1847, the Native Americans raised a total of $170—which equals to more than $5,000 today—intended “for the starving poor of Ireland” after the locals were struck with malnutrition and disease in 1845. “You helped us in our darkest hour. Honoured to return the kindness,” one message on the GoFundMe page reads. “Ireland remembers, with thanks.”