People from Ireland gave donations to a GoFundMe campaign for the Hopi and Navajo Nation, the Native American people in the United States, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. The fundraiser was shared on Twitter by Naomi O’Leary, The Irish Times journalist, which earned thousands of retweets and likes from the locals of Ireland. As of May 5, the campaign had amassed a total of more than 2 million dollars from the Irish, according to the fundraiser’s organizer Ethel Branch. All proceeds will go to the Native Americans’ basic necessities such as food and water.

The campaign was established as an act of solidarity between the Irish and the Native Americans. Ireland was struck with famine in 1845 when a fungus destroyed the country’s potato crop, which was their main source of food. The Native Americans responded in 1847 by garnering a total of $170, equivalent to more than $5,000 in present times, to donate to Ireland. Irish GoFundMe donors left heartwarming messages on the page such as, “From Ireland, 170 years later, the favour is returned! To our Native American brothers and sisters in your moment of hardship.” and “You helped us in our darkest hour. Honoured to return the kindness. Ireland remembers, with thanks.”