Walt Disney streaming executive, Kevin Mayer, has signed a contract for TikTok as its chief executive officer. Mayer’s leadership roles led Disney into its massive success in the media industry and international businesses. He was just recently put in-charge as a dealmaker with the high-profit and loss section, Disney CEO Robert Chapek said. The streaming strategy of Kevin Mayer created Disney+ that gathered 50 million subscribers in a span of 5 months. However, as Disney had announced, Mayer will pass over Disney’s top job to Rebecca Campbell including the streaming division.

TikTok is a making-and-sharing short video app produced by ByteDance, a Chinese tech group established by CEO Zhang Yiming in 2016. The app enables users to produce their own creative short video clips using the app’s music and filters. ByteDance founder, Zhang Yiming, said that Mayer is “one of the world’s most accomplished entertainment executives”. Meanwhile, a ByteDance spokesman stated that all other companies in the same sector would be glad to have Mayer onboard. According to Mayer, “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join the amazing team at ByteDance.” The ByteDance announced that Mayer has joined them effective since the first of June.