Vietnam begins its operation of evacuating 80,000 local tourists from Da Nang after three residents tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday, July 26. The evacuation started the next day, July 27, Monday, and is reported to take a span of four days. As stated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, domestic airlines have been handling approximately 100 flights per day from Da Nang to 11 Vietnamese cities. Local tourists returning to Bac Giang and Bac Ninh are required to undergo quarantine, whereas the rest must fill out health declaration forms. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also stipulates for a large-scale coronavirus testing in the city following the news of the cases.

The Southeast Asian nation has been implementing a strict quarantine program alongside early screenings of airport passengers. Vietnam took proactive isolation measures as early as February 12 this year, where the country locked down an entire community of 10,000 residents in Northern Hanoi for 20 days after seven positive cases were confirmed. From March until today, the country has set restrictions on international flights and banned foreign nationals from entering its borders. Vietnam currently has 866 positive cases with 16 recorded deaths from the coronavirus.