During this difficult time Asian cooks were still able to make a way to sell their products. One of these chefs is from Singapore who created a Facebook group to link food sellers, namely “hawkers”, to their customers that has over 250,000 group members.

Thai capital, Bangkok, introduced another idea to promote food products using delivery service with the messaging app LINE wherein the customer will place their orders, drop off in the hostel, then carry out by motorbike couriers. The hostel also changed their business style into a center to help food sellers around the area.

People from Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon, made a crowdfunding event to help food dwellers. This event aims to raise money to support food sellers, who are desperate to sell their goods in spite of the danger from this crisis.

Despite this unfortunate event, creative cooks are being innovative to make ends meet applying visionary strategies to deliver their mouthwatering dishes. Surely, they deserve to be called creative cooks of Southeast Asia.