Google urges the public to emphasize the importance of mask wearing and social distancing in their “Google Doodle” series last August 5, 2020. The animated Google Doodle featured letters that comprise the Google logo wearing masks in different assortment and designs while observing social distancing. When website visitors click the link, they will be redirected to a coronavirus prevention search page where they highlight information about the symptoms, prevention, and treatments.

Google also uses other platforms such as YouTube and Google Maps to spread their message across the community. Through YouTube, they spread public service announcements like how a simple act such as wearing a mask can reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission by up to 80%. Aside from COVID-19 prevention page, Google Doodle also provided a link to another page where people can find domestic violence helplines, more information for people with illnesses who are at a higher risk in the pandemic, and online support for people who are battling against addiction.