Facebook told the press last September 30 that it will start to fuse its new functions with social networking sites Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. This will allow Instagram users to send messages to users of Messenger without needing to create an account on Facebook or switch applications. Aside from being able to send messages smoothly across other messaging apps, they are also adding more functions such as selfie stickers, animated message effects, and new reactions. Other updates include “watch together” where people can share videos with friends and family during a call, and a “vanish mode” option to instantly remove messages after closing the chat.

The plan to combine the three social networking sites was stated by the company last year. Users see this update as a smoother way to communicate between apps. For the industry observers, this step was seen as Facebook maintaining their power over the market in these messaging apps. Facebook will begin to release the said features on WhatsApp but did not say further details regarding the timeline.