Japan’s Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, declared that Japan will endeavor to shift to carbon-neutral by 2050. In his inaugural policy address since attaining office last month, Suga told Japan’s government Monday that his administration would do their best to actualize the green society by establishing a virtuous cycle in the economy and the environment. For many years, environmental organizations such as Greenpeace have scrutinized Japan for what they considered delayed development on lowering greenhouse gas emissions because according to data, Japan is the world’s fifth-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide.

Greenpeace embraced Suga’s plan, saying it is “precisely the kind of action the world needs” — but advised that the responsibility must be done with order. Japan said beforehand that it would be carbon-neutral as early as possible by the year 2050, rather than set an exact date. To accomplish its intentions, Suga announced that new solar cells and carbon recycling would be important, and Japan would increase research and development, along with digitalizing society.