Ever since the start of the pandemic and lockdowns in several countries, articles about maintaining one’s focus have been a popular topic. However, parents working from home have it worse. Imagine having to work while looking after your children who are arguing who gets to watch on the TV next.

Australian psychologist John Sweller says that our recent lack of focus has something to do with “Cognitive Load Theory” (CLT). This means that if we’re facing a new or unfamiliar problem, we find it difficult to do our tasks automatically because it’s not part of our daily routine. For example, instead of just attending meetings with a journal or laptop, we now have to check our internet connection, environment, and the video conferencing software.

There are two things for us to stay focused. One, planning: Create a new routine suitable for our work-at-home setup. Two, discipline: Work in an environment far from distractions such as noises or even the TV. Also, separate your work schedule from your personal one. Try these two ways and see if they help in maintaining your focus.