El Rastro, Madrid’s most famous street market, reopened on Sunday, November 22, after more than 8 months of closure due to the pandemic. Only 2,000 visitors at a time are allowed to enter the entire marketplace and security is tightened throughout the area. Entrances and exits are under strict lookout by police officers to make sure that people will follow only one route in and out the market. There are also less stalls that are placed far apart from each other to apply social distancing rules. El Rastro, one of Spain’s largest marketplaces, is open on Sundays and public holidays.

El Rastro is noted to be established in 1740 in a historic area in Madrid, making it a popular destination for foreigners and locals alike. The market was originally a meeting place for traders and purchasing of secondhand clothes. Now, stalls in the market sell a wide range of items from shirts to antiques. Streets near El Rastro like Calle de San Cayetano and Calle de Rodas are popular for the items they are offering, namely paintings, art tools, and trading of magazines, stickers, and cards.