Now, the US and other countries are giving coronavirus vaccines to their people. In line with this, people are also considering the day when they can buy, travel, and go to theaters to watch movies again. But to do those things, you may be forced to present evidence in addition to the vaccine: a vaccine passport application. Companies and other firms have begun designing applications for smartphones for people to upload data online of their Covid-19 tests and vaccinations, producing digital records that could be given to authorities to obtain access to venues like stadiums, movie cinemas, facilities, or even other countries. The Common Trust Network has worked with different airlines as well as a number of health systems across the United States and the government of Aruba to create the CommonPass app which permits users to transfer medical records online such as Covid-19 test results or evidence that someone has been vaccinated by a medical expert, creating a health certificate or pass in the form of a QR code that can be shown to authorities externally exposing sensitive data. The application records health permit requirements at the points of departure and arrival based on the route of your journey.