Temperatures in central Spain remained at their lowest since Tuesday, January 12. Locals in the area continue to struggle with the aftermath of the heavy snow and -25 degrees Celcius temperature in Molina de Aragón (known as the Spanish Siberia) and Teruel. Meanwhile in Madrid, the temperature fell to -16 degrees Celcius. Snowstorm Filomena left deep snow that eventually turned to ice on the affected areas’ main roads, causing a disruption in transportation.

An immense quantity of snow and ice has been recorded in Spain, where winter season is usually mild and bearable. Molina de Aragón’s recorded temperature is said to be Spain’s coldest for the past 20 years. Due to this, as well as the flood of emergency calls, officials have warned the elderly to stay indoors. El País Daily, a Spanish newspaper, reported that 1,300 snow removal vehicles managed to clear snow 12,100 kilometers away from the roads in an effort to keep them ice-free.