Charm Torres, 28, is an astrologer based in Toronto, Canada. Since the spread of COVID-19 last 2020, more and more people have requested her services, even through online means. Her clients are mostly from North America and even stretch as far as her homeland, the Philippines. Interestingly enough, the majority of her clients are millennials such as herself.

The 2020 pandemic has damaged people around the world and this urged most of them to consult the stars. Some search for employment after losing their previous ones, while others seek to have a new career since they have so much time at home. These individuals pursue—or perhaps need—support, more knowledge, and connection. But there’s more to astrology than the effects of the widespread illness.

Western astrology has already been popular among young people across the globe through social media. Technological innovations, change in beliefs, and the 2020 pandemic seem to have stoked the fire. This is proven true by Google Trends, which showed that “birth chart” and “astrology” searches have reached both of their five-year peaks. Torres believes that astrology is responsible for “getting us to be more connected to life and something bigger than us” when we feel disconnected from the rest of the world.

“Believing” in astrology means that people see it as a tool for introspection when uncertain and struggling to understand a larger part of themselves or others. It’s not surprising that many turn to astrology as a form of counseling when they’re unsure or curious. Due to social media influence as well as other factors, astrology’s renaissance will most likely remain and have its sense of normalcy.