Due to COVID-19, the number of users and number of hours spent on social networking sites have increased. And today, social media fame is a big deal to many people. This is why Facebook and Instagram recently created an option for users to hide ‘Like’ counts on their social media posts. This is to restore user experience and prevent worries over social media posts that didn’t gain “enough” Likes.

On Facebook, users can use the new setting from the “Settings & Privacy” area under News Feed Settings (or News Feed Preferences on desktop). From there, you will see an option to “Hide number of reactions”. And on Instagram, you can access this feature by going to the post you would want to hide the Like counts. From there you will see a set of three dots on the upper-right corner, which contains the “Hide Like Count” option.

In this unworried space, users can now keep in touch with friends without trying to gain popularity. After all, social media was created for users to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.