Japan’s government has prolonged its COVID-19 vaccination financial aid until the end of November this year. The support is extended to infirmaries or hospitals that increased their vaccination numbers, or those that have special immunization programs. Furthermore, small to medium-sized businesses will receive the same assistance. All of the country’s 1,741 municipalities and Tokyo’s 23 wards aim to finish the vaccination of the elderly aged 65 and above by the end of July. The extension is to achieve Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s target of completing the shots for the workplace and younger generation by October or November.

Financial support in the workforce can reach up to ¥1000 per shot to set up vaccination venues. Small to medium-sized companies have to secure doctors to conduct vaccinations—with the help of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry—whereas large firms start their own initiatives. The same support measure is applied to university and vocational schools if they organize vaccinations for local residents.