Breakfast couldn’t get any better with this current trend. In case you are not familiar with floating breakfasts, these are your typical fancy meals served in a resort pool or hotel tub. They are typically served on big plates or baskets and decorated with colorful tropical flowers to add up to your Instagram feed.

The craze has known to start in Bali, Indonesia, followed by tropical private villa resorts in Thailand, Fiji, and Maldives. Travelers enjoying their staycations have also embraced the trend during the pandemic as they are avoiding public dining rooms and buffets as a safety precaution. “Across the course of the past year, in-suite dining has become extremely popular, especially for those seeking solace in the safety and comfort of their suite,” said Jann Hess, general manager at Amanjiwo in Bali. Timo Kuenzli, general manager of Koh Samui’s Cape Fahn Hotel, says that the majority of their guests over the previous year have ordered one. “We can definitely see that the Asian market is way more into having Instagrammable moments to capture than other markets,” Kuenzli said.

Aside from being picturesque and ‘Instagram-worthy’, floating breakfasts have also helped hotel/private resort businesses. How about you? Do you think these breakfasts are just made to be flashed online, or do people genuinely enjoy them? Share your thoughts.