Would you like to go on a European adventure onboard a hotel-style night train? Well, you are in luck, as national rail services are announcing new routes between various cities in Europe.

Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, founders of a French start-up, have made public a new network of overnight services from Paris to 12 European destinations starting in 2024. This project aims to improve the overnight train experience by kicking off a “hotel on rails” that offers a more environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to the basic night train services in Europe. Passengers can expect bookable rooms with an onboard restaurant, a bar, and an app-operated concierge service. According to Payet, travelers are seeking a more convenient way to travel. Moreover, both Aumont and Payet believe that Midnight Trains is a perfect option for those concerned with the environmental effects of flying. In 2030, the network plans to become fully operational, with routes from Paris to Spain, Portugal, Italy and Scotland.

Domestic travel in Sweden was down 9% in 2018, while Dutch airline KLM removed advertisements encouraging people to fly less in 2019. This came after the ‘flight shaming’ movement that spread across Europe as more people become aware of their carbon footprint.