Would you like to travel across Europe in a hotel-style sleeper train? You would be delighted to know that overnight trains are making a comeback! Look forward to 2024 as the newest set of trains will start running that year and you can go from one famous city to another in no time!

Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, founders of a French start-up, have created Midnight Trains, a “hotel on rails” for a more comfortable and convenient journey. Passengers can expect private rooms with an onboard restaurant, a bar, and an app-operated concierge service. Rooms for couples and larger groups are also available. The French duo believes that Midnight Trains will be a perfect choice for people who are concerned with the effects of flying on the environment. Moreover, Aumont and Payet share that ticket prices will be affordable. In 2030, the hotel on rails will be traveling from Paris to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Scotland.

In 2018, local flights in Sweden went down 9% as many people started learning about carbon footprint. According to Payet, travelers are more and more concerned about air travel. Midnight Trains would surely attract passengers from all around the world as the project promises a more environmentally friendly experience.