European sleeper trains fell in a deep slumber for years but now they have awoken, and they are better than ever. Those looking for an ultimate European getaway are in luck as national railway providers have announced multiple routes between the world’s most loved cities. Passengers can expect more affordable and modern overnight trains.

A French start-up created by Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet has unveiled Midnight Trains, an innovative project on a new network of overnight services from Paris to 12 European destinations. The endeavor aims to revamp the overnight train experience by launching a “hotel on rails” that offers a more sustainable and comfortable alternative to the basic night train services. Passengers are guaranteed “privacy, security and serenity” in each of the hotel-style private rooms that boast an onboard restaurant, a bar, and an app-operated concierge service. Co-founder Aumont notes that the company hopes to spearhead the reinvention of sleeper trains, adding that there are currently limited options for those who want to avoid flying within Europe and despise being in a cramped place packed with strangers. The French duo believes that Midnight Trains will prove an appealing option for those concerned about the environmental impact of flying. Look out for 2024 as the first route is expected to launch that year while the network plans to become completely operational by 2030, with routes from Paris to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Scotland. The start-up says its prices will be competitive with airline fares, highlighting that passengers will “save at least one night of accommodation” expenses.

The recent revival of night trains is partially owed to “flight shaming,” a movement that has spread across Europe in the past few years as passengers become more aware of their carbon footprint. Domestic flights decreased by 9% in Sweden in 2018, while Dutch airline KLM removed advertisements encouraging people to fly less in 2019.