Cannes Film Festival 2021’s opening-night film showed a rock opera directed by Leos Carax. The first hour of the movie shows the complex relationship between comedian Henry McHenry and opera singer Ann. It seems normal at first, but the film gets more interesting.

Henry (Adam Driver) loves to wear a dressing gown and a pair of slippers in The Ape of God, his stand-up show. His girlfriend Ann (Marion Cotillard), on the other hand, is a famous opera diva. Despite their differences, they marry and have a daughter named Annette. But Annette is no ordinary girl: she is a wooden puppet with ET’s glowing heart. As a musical, it didn’t fail to amaze the audience. But the second half of the show made things stranger. Annette begins to sing in short and high-pitched noises along with Ann’s beautiful singing voice. The film slowly turns from a melodrama to a dark fairy tale.

“Annette” is both strange and interesting, and a must-see film for adults who enjoy bizarre movies.