We all love a good movie, and Cannes Festival 2021’s opening-night film featured a surreal rock opera directed by Leos Carax. During the first hour of the film, it showed the fraying relationship between two performers, with their tale revolving around each other’s careers, where the woman’s rises while the man’s falls. It seemingly appears to be a cliché trope similar to “Beauty and the Beast,” but it gets more bizarre.

Adam Driver plays the role of Henry McHenry, a grumpy comedian who likes to wear a dressing gown and a pair of slippers in his stand-up show, The Ape of God. Marion Cotillard, who casts as Henry’s girlfriend, Ann, is an opera diva believed to be “too good for him.” Despite the vast difference in how they are seen by the public, Henry and Ann marry and have a child, Annette. However, she takes the form of a hideous-looking wooden puppet possessing the glowing heart of ET. Henry and Ann do live up to the expectations of those anticipating a musical: The couple is always singing, whether they are fending the paparazzi off or hurtling through California on a motorbike. The second half of the film is where things get more interesting, and a little macabre. Annette, still in her wooden toddler form, starts singing along Ann’s miraculous voice in short and high-pitched tones. From a melodrama, the movie eventually shifts to a dark fairy tale.

“Annette” is truly an explosive blend of crowd-pleasing Hollywood charm and European oddity. Regardless of its divisive nature, it’s an intriguing piece that must be seen by adults. Avant-garde rock operas are rare, but sometimes, it’s for the best.