The United States (U.S.) government is looking for a missing Japanese whiskey that was given to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2019. The gift costs almost $6,000 and was given to Pompeo by the Japanese government. It is not yet clear if Pompeo received the gift himself or a staff accepted it. In the U.S., government employees are not allowed to keep gifts worth more than $390. For gifts that are over that amount, employees are required to turn it over to the government. Employees who fail to let the U.S. State Department know about the gifts would be punished according to government ethics expert Walter Shaub. “The gift never got to me. I have no idea how the State Department lost it.” said Pompeo. Moreover, his lawyer, William Burck said, “Mr. Pompeo has no memory of receiving the bottle of whiskey and does not know what happened to it.”