In Tokyo, hometown hero Yuto Horigome won Japan’s third Olympic gold medal in skateboarding. Despite the failure of several of his competitors, the world champion maintained his composure and did remarkable acrobatics on the street’s railings, steps, and benches. Inside Ariake Urban Sports Park, Horigome, who grew up in the same city as a skater, excitedly waved the Japanese flag, thrilling the small crowd. After gold medals for judoka Naohisa Takato on July 24, 2021, and swimmer Yui Ohashi the next day, Tokyo’s enthusiasm for these Olympics has been slow to build, but Horigome’s achievement has fueled the fires. Horigome, 22, struggled on his early runs at Tokyo’s Koto City, but regained his calm at the vital moment, landing four of the five final tricks and earning 9.50 on his last run. Skateboarding, which has its roots in youth culture, has been disapproved in Japan at times, but that may change now that the hometown hero has won the gold medal.