Families living by lamplights in farms and men in straw hats—when you think about these scenes, we can immediately imagine an ancient age. This is the Mennonites’ lifestyle, a remote society in Belize located in Central America.

They’re a group of Christians who don’t use modern technology and, sometimes, even electricity. Photographer Jake Michaels visited three Mennonite communities to see their traditional lifestyle. He was surprised by how friendly they are despite living far from cities. “People were lot more hospitable than I expected, and everyone was really understanding,” Michaels shared in a phone interview. He discovered a world frozen in time, where life is centered on families free of modern technology. But because the communities rely much on labor, only 5% of the total population have finished secondary education.

Some people, however, own devices such as cellphones and digital cameras. The people don’t see this as a danger to their society, though. “It definitely impacted the way that I shoot going forward. It made me more interactive and more social with people rather, than just taking photos,” Michaels said.