Mark Twain once said that saying a compliment properly is “one of the rarest of human gifts.” But we often feel anxious praising others even though we’re aware that receiving praises feels good.

Three new studies revealed that the fear of giving compliments doesn’t exist. Associate professor in psychology at Mount Royal University in Calgary Naomi Grant’s most recent study shows that people feel better if we both give and receive praises. In short, the more people believe that kindness deserves to be repaid, the higher chances of others giving compliments. Social psychology professor Vanessa Bohn’s research says that people sometimes fail to understand that something small can have a huge effect on others. However, this research also shows we don’t appreciate the power of words that much. All in all, the fear of giving praise comes from our worry that we might not be able to find the correct words.

Scientific research has only one solution to this: if you have kind thoughts, share them. We need to remember that praising others doesn’t cost anything.