The climate change minister for the Welsh government has revealed plans to build 20,000 low-carbon social houses for rent in Wales by 2026. The goal is to solve both the housing shortage and greenhouse gas emissions. Thousands more job and training possibilities, according to housing organizations, could be available. On the other side, opponents of the Welsh government have said that they would have gone further and built more.

According to the government, all of the residences would meet “bold, new quality and environmental requirements:”

• What steps can you take to make your home more eco-friendly?
• All new residences will be powered by clean energy starting in 2025.
• Thousands of new council residences will be developed over the next 20 years.

Some may even become mini-power plants, producing more electricity than they consume through green technology. The energy can then be sent to the national grid, where it can be used to power more homes. In 2021-22, ministers have pledged £250 million to expand funding on social housing for rent.