Spain’s left-wing government aims to channel $3 billion from energy company profits to consumers to cut electricity taxes as bills spiral over the winter months. Last Tuesday, September 14, Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez implemented the “shock plan” where citizens would pay no more for their power consumption than they did in 2018 including inflation. The plan includes the following:
• Electricity taxes are being temporarily reduced from 5.1% to the EU-mandated minimum of 0.5%.
Windfall profits for energy companies will be transferred to consumers and infrastructure until April of next year.
• Spain will raise finances this year by selling a further $1 billion in carbon emission permits, on top of the $1.3 billion already sold.
• Natural gas price caps will result in a 4.4% increase in bills for 10.5 million homes, rather than the expected 28% increase.

Energy expenses continue to rise across Europe as gas prices soar. Reports recorded the $202.4 price per megawatt-hour on Wednesday, September 15, which is 12.6% higher than the previous day. Some affected nations are presently working on measures to lower consumer bills, but Spain was the first to take action. On Monday, Italian Minister Robert Cingolani warned that electricity prices would likely rise by 40% in the following quarter. Meanwhile, Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas of Greece stated that the administration intends to provide energy subsidies to the majority of households.