American sportswear company Nike and wholesale corporation Costco both say that they are currently dealing with product shortages and delays following a major strain on the world’s supply chains. As it struggles with shipping delays and worker shortages in Asia, Nike’s production and delivery of footwear will be affected until next spring. Meanwhile, customers of Costco are stockpiling goods again, which forced the company to set limits on its products. On September 23, 2021, Nike reported that it had to slash its sales outlook for the year following the crisis.

As more people participate in panic buying, Costco struggles to find trucks, drivers, and shipping containers to deliver products to its stores. Meanwhile, local lockdowns have affected Nike’s factories in Vietnam and Indonesia, which produce three quarters of its footwear. Currently, it takes around 40 to 80 days for products to arrive from Asia to North America. The shortage crisis has also been affecting the production of toys and pet food. Other brands like toymaker Hasbro and sportswear brand Adidas have warned of potential supply issues to enter the holiday season.