Each generation can learn more than the previous one, but we can never know everything, which is an unavoidable aspect of life. The Earth, no matter how much we know, is still full of mysteries.

Researchers who find ancient life, such as the “dragon man,” aid in the rewriting of history. We learn more about our little part of the earth as satellites orbit the globe. Here is a remarkable story that has influenced our thinking this year.

Say hello to the dragon man, our species’ newest member, and a newly discovered early human race. The cranium was discovered at the bottom of a well in northeastern China and is between 138,000 and 309,000 years old. The large nose and low brow of Homo longi, as well as the flat and delicate cheekbones of Homo sapiens, were a mix of archaic and modern traits. If you met the dragon guy, you’d notice he has a massive face, deep eyes, large fangs, and a brain that’s about the same size as yours. The finding of this fossil is altering human evolution’s timeline.