Each generation can learn more than the previous one, but we can never completely know everything, which is part of the human experience. Something new awaits you around every corner, whether it’s a curiosity or a mind-blowing revelation. From the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans, the Earth is still full of mysteries, no matter how much we learn.

Researchers who disclose discoveries about ancient life, such as the “dragon man,” help to rewrite history. We learn more about our piece of the universe as satellites orbit this globe. Astronomers are revealing the secrets of the cosmos as they peer beyond our solar system. Here is an amazing story that has shifted our viewpoints this year.

Say hi to the dragon man, a recently discovered early human race and the newest member of our clan. The cranium was discovered at the bottom of a well in northeastern China and is estimated to be between 138,000 and 309,000 years old. This hominid, known as Homo longi, featured a mix of archaic traits, such as a large nose and low brow, mixed with Homo sapiens’ flat and delicate cheekbones. If you met the dragon man, you’d notice that he has a wide face, deep eyes, large teeth, and a brain that’s about the same size as yours. The discovery of this fossil, as well as others, reported this week, is rewriting human evolution’s history.