We work hard to get the leisure time we deserve. It’s a reward that everyone looks forward to. But did you know that having free time can be a source of our stress?

According to US economist Daniel Hamermesh, the way we look for high-quality products and services has taken more of our time than we’ve spent using them. Additionally, people in high-stress, high-paying jobs place so much focus on work that they think of free time as something unnecessary. Anat Keinan, an associate professor of marketing, also points out that our perspectives are changing: a lack of leisure time has become a status indicator. She claims that celebrities on Twitter boast about “having no life” and “needing a vacation badly.”

The fear that we aren’t spending our time “properly” might make leisure seem pointless. Even so, the only “right” way to use free time is to relax, make lovely memories, and trust that everything will turn out fine.