We put a lot of effort to grab the reward for our hard work: leisure time. It’s second nature for us to aim for and appreciate this desired goal, but did you know that having free time and deciding how to spend it may be a stressful experience?

According to studies, some people feel a tremendous amount of pressure to maximize their spare time by spending more money. The way we seek out top-notch products and services has grown quicker than the amount of time we have to use them, according to US economist Daniel Hamermesh. While preparing the best vacation ever may drive us to do it, high expectations may clash with our actual reality, making the encounter feel futile. In fact, people in high-stress, high-paying jobs focus too much on work productivity that they see leisure as unimportant. Marketing Associate Professor Anat Keinan also points out that we’re seeing a shift in our points of view: a lack of leisure time has become a powerful status indicator. She mentions that celebrities on Twitter brag about “having no life” and “being in desperate need of a vacation.”

The constant worry that we aren’t properly spending our time can make leisure appear unnecessary. Still, the only “proper” way to enjoy free time is to relax, make wonderful memories, and trust that everything will work out.