Indonesian environmentalists are raising awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s seas to persuade people to avoid using single-use bags and bottles. The outside exhibition in Gresik, East Java is made up of over 10,000 plastic waste items collected from polluted rivers and beaches. It took three months to assemble the plastic bottles, bags, sachets, and straws. Since its opening early last month, over 400 individuals have seen the show. The problem of sea wastes is particularly significant in Indonesia that ranks second only to China in terms of plastic pollution. The four nations, which include the Philippines and Vietnam, are responsible for more than half of all ocean trash, and Indonesian efforts to reduce plastic package use have produced mixed results. “These plastics are very difficult to recycle… Starting today, we should stop consuming single-use plastic because it will pollute our ocean, which is also our source of food,” said Prigi Arisandi, the museum’s founder.