The planet is warming because of human-caused fossil fuel emissions. And as the COP26 summit approaches, attention has shifted to what we can do to lessen our negative impact on the environment. So, what are people in the public eye in Wales doing in their private lives to decrease their carbon footprint?

Sophie Howe’s responsibility as the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is to encourage public bodies and policymakers to consider the long-term consequences of their policies. She stated that people could make many adjustments, including those she had made in her own life. She also mentioned the tiny change like not buying plastic bottles, refilling glass bottles, and removing her makeup with reusable pads. Also, she said that owning an electric automobile or having kitchen cabinets made of recycled tires could be some options.

Julie James, the Welsh Minister for Climate Change, was raised understanding of the need to safeguard the environment. According to Ms. James, people might be astonished to learn how old a lot of her clothes, and how many objects she has around her house that have been fixed rather than replaced. However, she acknowledged that “little changes are essential” and that “more effort can always be made.”