Good Energy, a UK renewable energy company, nominated six young people ranging in age from 12 to 17 to a new advisory board in March, with no adults allowed. This Good Future Board meets on a regular basis, giving members the opportunity to offer ideas to the firm’s CEO and other executives, as well as to critique corporate decisions.

Shaina Shah, a 14-year-old Londoner, is one of the board members. She is committed to environmental protection and wishes to preserve her world for future generations. “I believe grownups should consider money first,” she argues. “While they may not always choose the best sustainable option, young people have grown up in a society where climate change’s repercussions are readily apparent.” Shaina goes on to say that she and the other five members of the advisory board aren’t scared to inform the grownups when they think they’ve made a mistake. They were chosen after a competition run by the environmental organization Eco-Schools attracted over 1,000 schoolchildren from throughout England.

Entrants had to write a 500-word personal statement answering three questions: “What inspired you to care for our planet?” “What skills or experiences you can bring?” And – “Do you have one idea for how a renewable energy company can do more to help protect the planet?” “Incredibly passionate, insightful, and impressive” were the words used to describe the six winners.