Japan recently had zero COVID-19 deaths for the first time in 15 months on November 8, 2021. There had not been a day in the country without a COVID-19 death since August 2, 2020. It also reported 10,000 deaths last April and suffered the severe Delta virus type over the summer. But recently, cases and deaths have been decreasing as more people in Japan get their COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, the Japanese government plans to start giving booster vaccine shots next month and pill-based medicines. “We’ve learned over the past two years that we need to take strong, fast, and intensive measures,” said Shigeru Omi, one of the country’s top health experts, who designed a tool to measure the seriousness of COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, states of emergency in Tokyo were cleared last October in major cities following a huge decline in cases. Japan’s travel perimeters for foreign residents have also eased up for students, businessmen, and technical trainees.