Europe is known for its grand cities such as Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. But the continent is also filled with little wonders worth visiting. Let’s take a look at five of Europe’s most beautiful towns:

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn is often known as the Dutch answer to Venice, where life is centered on water. Take a relaxing boat ride through the peat-filled islands to see the thatched cottages. Don’t fret if you’re hungry: the Michelin-starred Hollands-Veneti restaurant has you covered.

Guimarães, Portugal

Did you know that this “sleepy town” was Portugal’s first capital? The sheltered city brims with ancient remnants, including convents, grand medieval mansions, and a crumbling castle set on a mountaintop.

Roscoff, France

Port towns can be grimy, but the same can’t be said about Roscoff in France’s Brittany region. This tiny but charming port made its fortune through marine trade, including exports of its renowned pink onions to the UK. It’s also a thalassotherapy center, which uses seawater to treat medical issues.

Anghiari, Italy

Located on the hillside near the Tuscan-Umbrian border, Anghiari is a pedestrianized warren of alleyways and roller-coaster lanes. Who built the enormous palaces in this network of streets is its most intriguing feature: the enigmatic “men of arms” who lived here throughout the Renaissance.

Reine, Norway

If you seek a remote waterside village, then the joy of the Lofoten Islands is perfect for you. Red huts sit at the base of rugged mountain peaks, giving this a Dolomites-meets-Ha Long Bay feel. With a jaw-dropping view of the islands and picture-perfect scenery, this is one of the most stunning sites in the Lofoten archipelago.