New Zealand’s government has revealed plans to reopen the country’s borders and allow foreign visitors to come next year. Visitors who have been fully vaccinated can enter on April 30 and will be required to self-isolate for seven days after arriving. Beginning early next year, more New Zealanders will be allowed to return home under the same conditions. Since the Covid epidemic, when borders were slammed shut, a large number of citizens and visitors have been denied entry to the nation. The projected staged reopening, according to Chris Hipkins, Covid-19 Response Minister, is “the safest approach to ensure risk is carefully managed“. Fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens and residents who are currently in Australia will be permitted to return from January 16 onward in the first phase of the re-opening. New Zealanders who are currently live in another country will be able to enter on February 13. After April 30, foreign visitors will be the final group allowed to enter the nation. All guests must be fully vaccinated, self-isolated for seven days, and have their Covid levels checked when they arrive.