Japan is home to a variety of savory dishes, but it is also a haven of desserts borrowed from other countries. Over the years, Japanese chefs have used their own cooking styles to recreate these sweets from Europe.

1. Baumkuchen

©CNN via Juchheim Group

Baumkuchen is a round German cake with golden lines that look like a tree’s growth ring. The cake became popular decades after it was created in 1919 by German Karl Jukheim.

2. Castella

©CNN via Bunmeido Tokyo

In 1543, Portuguese merchants introduced castella to the people of Nagasaki. It grew to become a beloved dessert all over Japan. Bunmeido is a popular brand selling this cake in different flavors like chocolate and matcha.

3. Mont Blanc

©CNN via IMM Food Services Inc

Mont Blanc is a chestnut cake named after Le Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Namashibori Montblanc is a specialty that serves Mont Blanc with freshly squeezed chestnut toppings.

Have you included these sweets in your must-try list? Whether paired with tea or eaten on their own, these desserts would surely bring happiness to your day.