Tropical colors are abundant in this Asian country in the southeast. Let’s take a look at the 7,641 islands of the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines.

Surfers enjoy the curving sky blue barrels at Siargao’s Cloud 9 break.

On Kalanggaman Island, off the coast of Leyte, the waves change from pale blue to vibrant violet as they deepen around the island’s white sandbar. Sand also helps in enhancing the waters’ colors. Crimson coral marks the light sand near the high-water level on Sila Island in the south as a gorgeous pink. On a four-kilometer stretch of Boracay’s famous White Beach, you’ll find a deep blue harmony of waves and a traditional off-white beach.

These tropical islands are also sprinkled with shades of green. In the lush hills of the Cagayan Valley in Luzon, you’ll see the stunning shades of tiny rice shoots. Farmers in Bicol, far to the southeast, cultivate pale yellow fields in the shadow of Mount Mayon.

Pack your bags, ready your camera, and set out on a photo adventure on this colorful island.