From emerald volcanic cones to white beach isles, tropical colors abound in this archipelago southeast of Asia. 7,641 islands and thrilling escapades await you in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines.

These islands have a variety of oceans and blue hues. Gunmetal grays crash into the volcanic Batanes Islands far to the north amid the boundless sea, while surfers rush around twisting azure barrels at Siargao’s Cloud 9 break.

In the Dinagat Islands, a forested islet encircles a vibrant turquoise lagoon in Libjo. The waves tint from pale blue to vivid violet as they deepen around the white sandbar of Kalanggaman Island, off the coast of Leyte. Sand draws out other colors of the oceans as well. Flecks of scarlet coral shade the light sand near the high-water mark on Sila Island in the south a delicate pink. The famed White Beach in Boracay is 4 kilometers long, with a cerulean symphony of waters and classic ivory shores.

Dark volcanic granules color the ocean the deepest navy in Bicol’s Bacacay Beach. Don’t miss the shades of green that also litter these tropical peninsulae. The brilliant hues of delicate rice shoots can be seen in the verdant hills of the Cagayan Valley on Luzon. Banaue’s rice terraces resemble the steep slopes that descend to the east. Farmers in Bicol, far to the southeast, cultivate chartreuse fields in the shadow of Mount Mayon, a perfect volcano.

Pack your bags, prepare your camera, and discover the myriad colors of these exquisite sceneries. No filter needed.