On Valentine’s Day, men are expected to give women sweets to celebrate the holiday. But in Japan, things are a bit different.

Those who received chocolates on February 14 answer to the people who gave them the gifts on March 14. So what do men give on White Day?

Love or hate for marshmallows
Chocolate-dipped marshmallows were originally meant as a way to return the girl’s feelings. But because marshmallows melt and dissolve, they are increasingly becoming associated with the message “I dislike you.”
Cookies of friendship
Cookies have a crunchy texture, similar to “casual” or “dry” relationships. As a result, “you’re simply a friend” is assumed to be the meaning.
The sweetness of hard candy’s “I like you”
Candy is something you enjoy in your mouth, appreciating its delicious taste. If they like you, this is something that will make them happy.

Special sections at candy stores, department stores, and supermarkets celebrate White Day. Try giving something back on March 14 if you received chocolates on Valentine’s Day!