Men are expected to gift women a variety of candy-colored treats to convey their love and celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, things in Japan are a little different.

In 1980, a confectionery shop called Ishimura Mansei-do and the National Confectionery Industry Association coined the term “White Day,” observed on March 14, and the celebration quickly spread across the country. White is also a sign of purity in Japanese culture and is intimately associated with an innocent form of young love. Men who received sweets on February 14 respond to the person who gave the chocolates to them but only a month later. It’s customary to give chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but what do men give on White Day?

Love or hate for marshmallows
Marshmallows covered in chocolate originally meant reciprocating the girl’s feelings. But because marshmallows melt and dissolve, they are increasingly being associated with the message “I dislike you.”
Cookies of friendship
Cookies, unlike candies and marshmallows, are crunchy. This interprets a “casual” or “dry” relationship. As a result, it’s thought to signify “you’re just a friend.”
The sweetness of hard candy’s “I like you”
Candy is something you hold in your mouth for a long time as you enjoy its sweet flavor. If they like you, this is something that will please them.

White Day has its own set of activities, including special sections at candy stores, department stores, and supermarkets. Try giving something back on March 14 if you received chocolate on Valentine’s Day!