Why do some people persist in their search for the ideal partner? Hannah Miller, 45, from Birmingham, UK, met Sam at a theme park when she was ten years old.

She didn’t see the boy from the theme park again until she was 18, but things moved rapidly once she did. Sam told Hannah he loved her a few weeks later, and the two married soon before her 20th birthday. “We knew that there was no reason not to get married because we were soulmates,” she says.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, a startling percentage of people believe in soulmates; the concept of “The One” also existed in many other civilizations. For a variety of reasons, people believe their ideal mate is out there, and the concept has only grown in popularity in the previous 50 years. Experts believe that our perceptions of soulmates are influenced by our particular circumstances and psychology, but individuals looking for a pre-destined partner may be setting themselves up for failure right from the start.