Greenery Day is a Japanese event dedicated to honoring nature and expressing gratitude for it. It is named after a Japanese Emperor who was passionate about plants. Golden Week’s mild weather, which is neither scorching hot nor spine-tingling cold, makes it an ideal time to be outside. As a result, going out on Greenery Day is one of the most usual activities, whether it’s to visit one’s home province for the holidays or to begin another planting season.

If you enjoy green tea, now is the perfect time to obtain the freshest green tea leaves available. Ichibancha, or first flush tea, is produced during this time and has a high reputation and rating. When the temperature is relatively chilly but still good for planting, theanine, the amino acid that gives the tea its flavor, is abundant; thus, Ichibancha delivers the best crop of the three (nibancha and sanbancha harvest in July and September). You can sample top-notch tea by visiting a tearoom or shopping in artisan tea shops. You can join those who plant trees for group gatherings. The reigning emperor and empress are expected to attend the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization’s tree-planting event.

There are various ways to enjoy and commune with nature this Greenery Day, whether it’s gardening at home or visiting a botanical garden. It’s a wonderful way to relax and take a break from one’s everyday routine.